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2019 shadow realism seminar


this was a shadow realism seminar held on the outskirts of the city of cali conducted by andres jaramillo and alvaro calle where all the techniques that we use daily to tattoo were taught

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seminar 2017 realism color

this seminar project was held in cali at the granada real hotel where color realism techniques were taught for two days with the support of various national brands.

- Don melo

- Skink

- Classic supply

- Inked tattoo shop


conducting a talk on sales techniques by david masias, color realism by andres jaramillo and machine calibration with the manufacturer don melo.

Finally, a live practice was carried out on synthetic leather and the delivery of a don melo machine.

Shadow realism seminar 2016


This seminar was held in the city of Cali, INKED TATTOO SHOP where they were divided into 2 groups to be able to explain everything necessary on the subject of tattooing with the support of

- Colombia ink

- Asgard stencil

- Warehous supply

- Skink

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