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Andres Jaramillo

I am an artist since 2010 in the world of tattoo focused on realism, shadows and color, especially portraitism.

Dedicated to this art with aspirations to be better every day.

I am a graduate of the professional drawing academy in 2015, I opened my INKED TATTOO SHOP studio in the city of Cali. exercising my career applied to tattooing with the design of machines and equipment for tattoos

My tattoo studio opened at the end of 2014, located in the city of Cali. It has artists focused on different styles. We have services such as laser erasure, drilling, in addition to the distribution of the angora brand accessories

Throughout my career as a tattoo artist, I have been able to win several awards in Colombia, the United States and several countries in the categories of realism in shadows and realism in colors. With great aspirations to participate in all intentional events.


I was sponsored with the Colombian brand skink from 2014 to 2018, which greatly promoted my work as a company dedicated to tattoo grooming and care products, supporting tattoo artists to be better every day.

In 2016, I designed the octagon machine for the panter brand, which released hundreds of units and is currently for sale. this was a project carried out as part of my professional career.


in 2017 I started with the sponsorship of art driver tattoo machines together with david canillas, the creator of the spanish brand of tattoo machines that has driven me in the industry and advance in my career every day

In 2018 I started the sponsorship of world famous ink together with Lou Rubino, one of the largest and fastest growing American pigment brands in recent years.
Together with the brand and ultimate supply I have traveled to several states of the USA to participate in tattoo conventions

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